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      by Published on 05-07-2014 09:03 PM

      Welcome to BruteLife.com
      I built this site because all the other Brute Force sites out there are online for what seems like one reason. Money! They allow you to upload pictures to your post's but they limit the sizes of them and the amount you can upload. However for a monetary fee, you can have these restrictions lifted.

      The other forums are very heavily moderated and if you break any rules you get a reprimand, but for a monetary fee, you have access to a premium forum with less rules.

      You are allowed to use the sites personal message feature, however you are limited in the amount you may store in your inbox, for a monetary fee you have the freedom to store more messages.

      If you make a typo on your post, you have a time limit in which you can edit and correct your mistake, but for a monetary fee you have no time limit for post editing.

      You are also given a timer between making posts, but for a monetary fee you can post as much as you want with no limit in posting frequency.

      You are also given an area to post your machines and their info. Non paying members have a limit of how many machines they may post, but for a monetary fee you my post up to 10!!!

      Think about it, its just like dealing with another annoying salesman!

      Here at BruteLife.com everything is always free for you, the users. I will never charge you anything for any "premium" options. These things are already built into the site. Why would I charge you for them. And if there is something that you want that we do not have, please make a post requesting it in the site suggestions forum and I will do everything in my power to get it here for you.

      I have invested my own time and money into this site. There is a place that you can make a donation if you so choose to, but I will never ask for it, nor will I offer you anything special to persuade you to donate. I do have two advertisement locations on this site. I have a banner on the top and bottom of every page. If you see an ad that is interesting, please feel free to visit that advertisers site. That is the only revenue that this site creates.

      I have no need to charge a fee. I personally own the servers, switches, and firewalls that make this site work. I have enough storage space to host any and all pictures and videos that you would like to share with the site. I have a dedicated fiber optic internet connection for the purpose of hosting this site. I invested into this site because I believe that it can be the best Brute Force dedicated website on the net.

      All I can ask is that you give us a chance. Please feel free to register and begin posting immediately. Invite all of your friends and any other Brute riders that you know. We also have a section for other ATV makes and models. Feel free to invite anything that will use them.
      by Published on 05-03-2014 04:23 PM

      Welcome to BruteLife.com.

      I want to announce that we have added a FREE Gallery for all of your ride photos.

      We have also added a FREE Classifieds section, Post your for sale, wanted, or for trade items and make some deals here at NO CHARGE whatsoever!

      Come on in and register, use the forum, share some info and invite all your friends. We're open for business!
      by Published on 05-02-2014 08:02 PM

      Welcome to the ALL-NEW BruteLife.com!

      I decided to take all the best things about all of the Brute Force/ATV related websites and combine them all here, for you, the users. The best part is, I'll give it to you for FREE! Other sites charge for memberships to get special "perks" that other users don't get. Not us! We will give it all to you FREE! If there is something that we have no added yet, please let us know. We will add it.

      We are here for you, the Brute Force community!

      Once again, welcome home......